Do You Have an Old Georgie in Your Life?

Do You Have an Old Georgie in Your Life?

Portrayed by Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas, Old Georgie is the embodiment of fear, doubt, hatred, and stagnation. He wears tattered old clothes, reminiscent of a bygone era. His skin appears to be going through a state of decomposition. He torments Zackry, played by Tom Hanks in the far-future, whenever Zackry encounters with new situations, […]

3 Ways to Visualize -

3 Ways to Visualize Your Goals

It has been said over and over that if you are able to visualize your goals and believe them, then over time you will achieve them. After all, man becomes what he thinks. Visualization has many … [Read More...]

3 Secrets to Using Affirmations -

3 Secrets You Must Know to Using Affirmations

As we know from the Power of Affirmations article, they are a powerful form of brain hacking, reprogramming your brain that has historically been wrought with negative statements with positive … [Read More...]

Affirmations are just statements

The Power of Affirmations: Affirming the Reality You Desire

Admittedly, when I first heard of affirmations I thought it was a bunch of nonsense. How can you simply will yourself what you want? After all, I come from a highly technical and logical … [Read More...]

When Is the Perfect Time?

When’s the Perfect Time to Start?

Too often, whenever we start a new endeavor we have a human tendency to wait for the stars to align properly. "Everything has to be perfect!" we say to ourselves. When JK Rowling set out to … [Read More...]

Being outcome independenc job search

Being Outcome Independent in Your Job Search

As a life-long student of self-improvement, you strive for many things (inner peace, success, happiness, constant improvement, etc). One things you should aim towards constantly improving is outcome … [Read More...]

Visualize Your Way to Success: Vision Board

Visualize Your Way Into Success: The Vision Board

Vision boards are yet another useful tool to help you achieve success in fulfilling your goals when using the Law of Attraction. It's a form of visual visualization in the sense that the visualization … [Read More...]

3 Tips for Great Online Dating Photos

3 Tips for Great Online Dating Photos

Obviously, having a photo is very important for your online dating profile. Women are more likely to check out your profile than not if you have a picture posted. Of course, it helps to have a great picture of yourself to beat out on the mass of mediocre profile pictures. So, here are some tips on … [Read More...]

5 Tips to Find Your Passions

5 Tips to Help Find Your Passions

Passion is the essence of life that too often we deprive ourselves of. It defines who we are. It moves us. It motivates us. It drives us to continue an endeavor, to keep trying where other people would have given up a long time ago. Passion is important if you are to find joy and happiness in what … [Read More...]

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