Misguided Beliefs and Self-Image -ManSpirational.com

Do This to Change Your Misguided Beliefs About Success and Richness

I was recently captivated by this video of Joe Rogan speaking on how society and jobs are just one big trap (I agree!) and that we should break out of this trite and mind-numbing┬ároutine in pursuit of our passions and dreams, just as he did. What got me even more was the number of comments […]

Forgive - ManSpirational.com

Why You Must Forgive If You Are to Move On

Forgiveness is a concept that is often misunderstood. People often think that if they forgive, then they give up power to the person or thing that is doing them harm. The power in forgiveness is letting go of past transgressions and letting go of the hurt that eats us from within. The other person does […]

Just Make a Decision - ManSpirational.com

The Biggest Change You Can Make: Just Decide

One of the things that you can do to really start living your dreams and realize their fulfillment is one of the simplest things you may have heard of but is actually the hardest to do. It’s this: Decide. That’s it. Just decide. A lot of people think they know how to make a decision […]

3 Ways to Visualize - ManSpirational.com

3 Ways to Visualize Your Goals

It has been said over and over that if you are able to visualize your goals and believe them, then over time you will achieve them. After all, man becomes what he thinks. Visualization has many … [Read More...]

3 Secrets to Using Affirmations - ManSpirational.com

3 Secrets You Must Know to Using Affirmations

As we know from the Power of Affirmations article, they are a powerful form of brain hacking, reprogramming your brain that has historically been wrought with negative statements with positive … [Read More...]

Affirmations are just statements

The Power of Affirmations: Affirming the Reality You Desire

Admittedly, when I first heard of affirmations I thought it was a bunch of nonsense. How can you simply will yourself what you want? After all, I come from a highly technical and logical … [Read More...]

Why You Are Quitting Before You Ever Start -ManSpirational.com

Why You Are Quitting Before You Ever Start

Too often, when we're about to take the next big step in our lives, such as changing or relocating for a new job or finding that special someone as we are about to enter a new relationship, our old … [Read More...]

Are You Running Away or Towards Something? -ManSpirational.com

Inner Peace: Are You Running Away or Towards Something?

Ask yourself this question the next time you move to a new job, a new location, or a new relationship. Too many of us run away from one thing towards the next, expecting the new situation to get … [Read More...]

What Is the Purpose of Life? -ManSpirational.com

What Is the Purpose of Life?

We'd all like to think that buried somewhere in the deep recesses of our brains is the answer to the age-old question that has plagued mankind for eons: What is our purpose in life? What are we doing … [Read More...]

How to Prevent the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying - ManSpirational.com

How to Prevent the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

This excellent TED TV talk, presented by Jane McGonigal, discusses how we can prevent the top 5 regrets of the dying from taking place in our own lives as we lay on our death beds. She also talks about how to add 10 more years to our lives. Who Is Jane McGonigal McGonigal suffered from a … [Read More...]

Do You Have an Old Georgie in Your Life? ManSpirational.com

Do You Have an Old Georgie in Your Life?

Portrayed by Hugo Weaving in Cloud Atlas, Old Georgie is the embodiment of fear, doubt, hatred, and stagnation. He wears tattered old clothes, reminiscent of a bygone era. His skin appears to be going through a state of decomposition. He torments Zackry, played by Tom Hanks in the far-future, … [Read More...]

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