ManSpirational Beethoven

Beethoven: Lessons in Living a Meaningful Life

We have all heard about Beethoven the composer, who effectively bridged the gap between the Classical and Romantic eras. But just how much do we know about Beethoven the man? You might be surprised to discover that by the time he wrote the Ninth Symphony, he was completely deaf. Yet, the road to the Ninth—the […]

Increase Your Confidence: Stop Staring Man!

Do This to Up Your Confidence: Stop Scanning

Some people are constantly scanning their immediate surroundings, men more so than women. Men are much more obvious when it comes to scanning because our peripheral vision is much more limited than … [Read More...]

Photography Boosts Confidence

How Photography Boosts Your Confidence

“How would it?” you must be wondering. After all, it’s just taking pictures. Ever observe other people at a gathering in which the cameras invariably come out? These are events such as weddings, … [Read More...]

confident confidence sexy walk

How to Have a Confident (and Sexy) Walk

A Quick Recap A few weeks ago, I covered why you should work on having a confident (and sexy) walk. To quickly recap, body language accounts for more than 90% of our non-verbal communications, to … [Read More...]

Use Only Positive Words

Do This One Tweak Right Now to Improve Your Positivity!

Here at ManSpirational, I am a big believer of making small tweaks to effect big changes. After all, big changes were often insurmountable to me, the biggest question being how to even get started. … [Read More...]

Why You Have a Crappy Life

Why You Have a Crappy Life

It is a hard fact to accept but the reason you have a crappy life is you chose to. Choice is all around us. We make them everyday, sometimes even without knowing it. When we say we have no choice, … [Read More...]

Shift Your Paradigm

The One Mistake People Trying to Find Happiness Make

  “If I have money, then I will do the things I like. Then I will be happy.” Chances are you have heard this cliché so often that it loses its meaning and impact. We all know the fatal flaw … [Read More...]

Stop Worrying Today and Start Being Happy.

Five Ways to Stop Worrying

Worry. It’s enough to make even the healthiest individual sick. In hand with worry is stress. Stress accounts for over 75% of all health-related problems. With stress being the underlying factor for so many illnesses, it then is very important to cut out the stress. Here are 5 things you can do … [Read More...]

Happy the Movie

Six Things You Need to Find Happiness

I just saw the movie Happy, which covers many of the attributes that happy people have. For instance, the movie attempts to answer the question of how a rickshaw driver living in the slums of India can be just as happy as the average person. How can a person who gave away a high-roller lifestyle to … [Read More...]

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