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It is a hard fact to accept but the reason why your life sucks is because you make it so.

Choice is all around us. We make them everyday, sometimes even without knowing it. When we say we have no choice, the act of acknowledging it means you do have a choice.

“I have no choice but to do this.”

A lot of times, we don’t even realize we have made a choice by not making one.

Think about it another way: Just choosing to sit on something rather than acting on it is also a choice.

You Are Always Making a Choice

Whether you know it or not, you are always making a choice. You have a crappy life because of the choices you make (or don’t make). You can choose right now to have more success.

You choose to have the same set of negative friends rather than find new ones, friends that can help you become a better version of your current self.

You have the choice of making friends who can provide support and positive reinforcement rather than criticism, friends who themselves choose to be better people than to remain the same.

You can often determine where a person will be in 5 years by looking at his or her five closest friends. So, one good way to break out of the vicious cycle you find yourself currently in is to find new friends. That is why support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are so effective.

Why Your Life Sucks: Your Habits

You life sucks because you choose to perform many of the same, destructive habits day after day. Habits such as sitting at home watching TV rather than working out at the gym, studying a craft, learning a skill that can help you become more successful in life, or doing your passion.

This happens because whenever we go out of our comfort zone, our brains cause us to feel quite a bit of discomfort. We are naturally at equilibrium with our environment. That equilibrium can be happiness. But it can also be depression and sadness. Oftentimes, it is also just doing something, anything, beyond our baseline of doing nothing.

“When something better comes along, it threatens the status quo.”

Our subconsciousness will do just about anything to return to normal. That may mean pushing away a loved one, being combative, or even turning to drugs. Recognize that you are doing this and attempt to replace your current habits with more constructive ones. Change very often causes discomfort. So, one good way to recognize when you are going past your comfort level is to ask yourself if you are feeling discomfort. Acknowledge those feelings and try to work past them.

Your life sucks because you have limiting beliefs. And you choose to believe them. Limiting beliefs hold you at your current level of comfort. I don’t mean comfort as in being cozy.

Comfort here means chronic depression, general sadness, or nurturing a victim mentality. Your limiting beliefs in essence limit how far you can go. It’s not as simply as refusing to believe in them.

Instead, replace your limiting beliefs with new beliefs and habits that will take you above your current comfort zone. You need only make small tweaks to affect big changes. Your comfort level is always in flux. What was once discomforting to you will in time become the new comfort zone. Self-improvement is a life-long journey. It is the journey that is important, not the final destination.

Ultimately, you are a summation of your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions and the kind of person you are and will be.

Now that you know why your life sucks, you can do something about it. Happiness is a choice. Change your thoughts to start attracting the things you want into your life. In time, you will change who you are!

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