When’s the Perfect Time to Start?

When Is the Perfect Time? -ManSpirational.comToo often, whenever we start a new endeavor we have a human tendency to wait for the stars to align properly.

“Everything has to be perfect!” we say to ourselves.

When JK Rowling set out to write Harry Potter, almost immediately her life was turned upside down. Her forty-five year old mother died from multiple sclerosis. She suffered a  miscarriage and then had a successful birth of her first child. After just 13 months of marriage with her first husband, they divorced. She was just fired from her job and now had to raise her child on welfare.

These series of traumatic and life-changing events in essence placed her writing on hold for more than 4 years. One day, Rowling decided to just sit down and start writing her book, realizing that no time is ever perfect. She had feelings of inadequacies, too. She thought that the only thing she was good at was writing and that the only way she could make a living was through writing. As a result, she would sit in a coffee shop with her child and write for hours.

What separates the successful people from the ones that just struggle through life is a willingness to succeed and do whatever it takes. Put another way, the successful individual somewhere along the line made a decision to be successful. The rest is just hard work and persistence.

How about you? What’s preventing you from starting your venture today? Why do you procrastinate? Is it out of fear that you may fail? Is it out of fear that you may not be good enough?

Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

As Adam Urbanski, owner of Marketing Mentors, likes to say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” What he means is that if you have a good idea but lack the know-how or smarts to execute your idea properly, stop worrying about it and just do it anyway. You learn by doing. As you do more, you learn more. Over time, you can go back and make it better. What Urbanski is really trying to encourage you to do is to get started.

Bloggers just starting out have the same perfectionist attitude. They spend weeks to months at a time, laboring over a single article. It must be perfect before I publish it! Yet, many of the successful bloggers do comment that in looking back at some of the earlier articles they’ve published, they wonder why they even wrote it in the first place. What they do learn is it’s alright for everything to be less than perfect.

You grow as an individual. The quality of what you do now will be very different than what you will do several years from now. Worrying about perfection will only drive you nuts. It’s more important to take measurable action that leads to results than it is to use perfection as an excuse to procrastinate.

Look back at a time when you first started a new hobby. I am sure that you had the interest but at the same time uncertainty about how to get started. So, you start by doing a little research on the Internet, talking to people, and reading books. Overtime, you start to take action. You may buy things essential to getting your hobby started, take classes, or attend club meetings to get a feel for it. In other words, you got started because you realized that books and literature all just contain theory. You ultimately realize learning is doing. You stopped worrying how, because you trust in the Law of Attraction to help you get what you want.

Failure is an Option

Successful people have had the agony of facing failure many times in the pursuit of their dreams. When we look back at them, all we see are the successes. We missed the hundreds of failures they inevitably faced in pursuing what they wanted. We gloss over their struggling years, feeling constantly defeatist. Most have gone bankrupt, sometimes more than once. And that is what differentiates successful people from the rest: They treat failure as a learning experience and rebound from it quicker than most people, who would rather stew about. They look at challenges as opportunities. They deem themselves worthy. They accept that they are more than good enough. They take measurable and specific action.

So, that idea you have had for years? What are you waiting for?

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  1. Hi. I’ve come here through Ultimate Blog Challenge, and found your post inspiring.
    When I was younger, I used to be a perfectionist. Now that I know I am far from perfect, I am happy with what I am.
    Thank you again for sharing an encouraging article.
    Romi recently posted…The Pond in the Park (Summer Through My Eyes: Day 21)My Profile

  2. I’ve never seen “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly” before. It’s true, as far as getting started in a new activity. We think we should be perfect when trying something new. Of course, we rarely are. So, I’ve been thinking of writing an email o someone who sent me a newsletter, wanting to discuss something in the newsletter with them, and I should no longer delay.
    Alana recently posted…Civil War Sunday – The Fort CircleMy Profile

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