Visualize Your Way Into Success: The Vision Board

Visualize Your Way to Success: Vision Board Vision boards are yet another useful tool to help you achieve success in fulfilling your goals when using the Law of Attraction. It’s a form of visual visualization in the sense that the visualization mainly takes place in your head or in your dream journal. The vision board, on the other hand, has pictures of what you envision your life but with one important distinction: Your dreams have been fulfilled and you are now living that life.

Pictures are easy to find and the Internet abound with them.

So, in a way it is similar to a dream journal in which you make and keep entries of your dreams now fulfilled. The vision board has many formats. You can have any or all of the following on your vision board:

  • Your dream house
  • Your dream woman
  • Your dream sports car
  • Your dream life
  • Your affirmations
  • Your dream check in an amount you believe you will be able to attain
  • Your dream family
  • Your dream children
  • Your dream location
  • Your dream physic
  • Your ideal health
  • Your spiritual growth
  • Your inner peace
  • Your dream job
  • Your dream business
  • The places you want to visit

Think about where you want to live. It is a house by the beach with an ocean view? Go online and find such a picture. Find the location where you want your house to be. Is it a row of houses with the backyard facing the ocean? Or, it is a condo with an ocean view just across the road and beach? Maybe, you prefer to live up in the hills, with your house looking down at the ocean some distance away.

Likewise, find a picture of the ideal woman you wish to attract. Find a picture of the sports car you want. You can have so much fun with this! You can have it all!

Visualize Your Way to Success: Vision BoardIf you are first starting out, you should made your vision board believable. That way, you can see first-hand the Law of Attraction at work, manifesting your desires and dreams. So, instead of wishing for $1 million right off the bat, you might instead wish for a free cup of coffee. So, start with finding a picture of a cup of coffee and place that on your vision board.

Setting up the vision board is the easy part. Now, you will have to spend time looking at your vision board daily, visualizing your dreams having come true.The pictures are there to jog your memory and stimulate your brain into creation. You are the creator of your life and destiny!

As you start taking inspired action, you will find that some dreams you had were very different from what you originally thought. That’s alright! Dreaming gives you permission to dream even bigger dreams. When this happens, just modify your vision board to be up-to-date with your current goals and values.

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  1. I’ve actually seen vision boards before but never really thought about doing one my self. It really is a great way to actually ‘see’ you goal.
    Salma recently posted…Taking Care of Your Kids in the SunMy Profile

  2. Thats inspiring. i had heard about Writing Goals on the Wall and reading them daily . But Vision Board is a new concept.
    Viyoma recently posted…Rain God on Whats AppMy Profile

  3. Love the idea, Benson. It is something I do more in my head or in words. You could actually create a vision board like you describe and turn it into your screen saver and then you would have it with you all of the time … Thanks for sharing. Enjoy being able to peek inside a guy’s mind and heart.
    HUGS <3

    • That’s a great suggestion. I actually have my vision board on my computer now as a screensaver, but I started with an actual board. I figure my readers all have to start somewhere…

  4. Nice idea! And I am sure that it helps to get closer and achieve your goals!
    Amaia – You Made My Day recently posted…3 basic steps to improve your picturesMy Profile

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