The Power of Affirmations: Affirming the Reality You Desire

Affirmations are just statements

Admittedly, when I first heard of affirmations I thought it was a bunch of nonsense. How can you simply will yourself what you want? After all, I come from a highly technical and logical background.

As I progressed along my path to self-improvement I began to realize that we are merely the sum of our thoughts. We have over 50,000 thoughts every day, most of it unconscious and seemingly beyond our control.

Ask yourself this: Are you a bit of a worrier? Are you always on the lookout for something awry, say with your health? Your physical safety? Your job? Your family? Now, ask yourself what thoughts do you constantly have? Are they negative thoughts, always assuming the worst-case scenario? If you are a worrier, the answer is likely YES.

Having such thoughts is of course detrimental to your overall being and health, for man becomes what he thinks about. You want to be sick? You want to get hurt? You want to lose your job? You want to have familial issues? You want to be a failure with women? You want to be broke? Then the surest way to guarantee you will get what you want is to constantly concentrate and focus on the bad aspects. The Law of Attraction will eventually bring you what you constantly think about, because you see the world in this way. You are constantly looking for evidence that proves what you constantly take as truth in your mind. There’s a famous saying in archeology: You find what you are looking for.

Let’s do a paradigm shift with a thought exercise: What are negative thought patterns but statements and scripts that play over and over in your head. For instance, your back may currently be bugging you, so you obsess and worry about it. You have thoughts like, “My back has been hurting for a week now. What if I have a collapsed vertebrae or worse?” Having these thoughts in time bring stress and anxiety into your life. Stress is a big killer. Oftentimes, I dare say the stress is worse than the disease itself.

Now, what if we turn it around and say positive things? After all, negative thought patterns are just statements. Affirmations are positive thought patterns that are also just statements!

With affirmations, focus on improving your thoughts and let your doctor worry about healing your body. For all you know, the chronic pain was brought on by years of bad posture sitting in front of a computer that is now finally catching up with you. Be grateful that you caught it early. Be thankful your body has a mechanism for warning you that something is wrong with it. Start treating yourself better. Start eating more healthy. Start an exercise program. Your thoughts here, the positive ones, lead you to take positive action in making yourself feel better.

Another way to think of this is that affirmations are a form of gratitude. Practicing gratitude is a powerful arsenal to have on your tool belt. Put it another way, having negative thoughts is a way of removing responsibility and accountability from yourself. It is victim mentality, and when you practice being a victim and constantly having negative thoughts (Oh! Woe is me!), you effectively remove the onus to take the initiative to make your own life better.

Of course, the practice of affirmation must go alongside several other things. For one, you must have the experience to back up your affirmation–your positive statement–so that you can actually believe it. More importantly, your affirmation must elicit a positive emotional response from your heart. If you feel it in your heart, you are more likely to believe it. How do you believe it? You will have to examine your own particular case and actively go about seeking the experiences to prove this to yourself. For instance, study the great ones that came before you and see how they did it. Model yourself after them. If your negative thought patterns are preventing you from becoming a confident man, then start by trying to understand what confidence really is all about. Next, allow yourself to make mistakes and to make small changes that will over time lead you to become that confident person. For instance, you might try projecting confidence by having a powerful walk.

As further examples, you may be a bit of a hypochondriac, always assuming that yet something else is going wrong with your body. Yet, you have already seen a bunch of doctors who have stated time and again that they have failed to find anything wrong with you. At this point, rather than dwell in the constant game of “what if”, it would be much better to change your mind around and say that, “I am in good health. I thank you body for continuing to heal and for allowing me to chase after my dreams.”

Personally, I find this thought–this affirmation–more empowering that one that invariably leads to stress and depression.

Before I move onto the next section, have you noticed something in common with all my suggestions? They actually require you to change your long-lasting beliefs, to break the status quo, shift your paradigm, and change how you view the world.


Visualization and the Power of Affirmations
The other thing that really helps with imprinting the affirmation into your subconsciousness, over time replacing those negative thoughts that you developed over a lifetime, is visualization. This lets you replicate in a controlled setting the circumstances that lead you to start playing that record of negativity and to start consciously replacing them with affirmations. It’s also a form of stress inoculation, allowing you to control the level of stress you would normally feel in such a situation as you practice your affirmations, letting you walk away from it anytime you feel too stressed.

In other words, you are practicing for how you would respond to the trigger events that would normally have led to that script of negativity playing. You are literally hacking into your brain and rewiring it!

Make Small Changes

It is tempting to take what you have learned today and start applying it on a grand scale to effect the change you want in your life. I would caution against that, because making big changes often require a huge commitment and dedication. It’s difficult to upkeep in the long run, and you will likely fail, leading to discouragement. Instead, start by making small changes.

I shall end this article with an example of how a small change can lead to big changes. Did you know that power posing for a couple of minutes just before a job interview actually leads to a biofeedback in the mind that in turn leads to real confidence that will help you land that job?

The Science of Self-Confidence Training Kit

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  1. Amanda Thomas says:

    Affirmations are powerful. Thought has a lot more power than most people give it credit for.
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  2. WOW, This post is very powerful! I have a whole new meaning on affirmations. Great post and great BLOG!

  3. Affirmations are amazing!
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