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A limiting belief is exactly what it sounds like: It’s acceptance of these beliefs as truth. These limiting beliefs also known as mental models or paradigms. They were imposed by our well-meaning parents, relatives, loved ones, teachers, and friends over the years and decades. To overcome limiting beliefs, you will embark on a hard journey. It is possible but be prepared for a lot of work.

Your rampart and incorrect use of your imagination to perceive the things you do not want harmed you over the years. You reasoning and intuition strengthened through the results you constantly get. Your memory serves you correctly in that you keep seeing a + b =c. You then come to accept the set of beliefs imposed upon you as the truth. Your beliefs became limiting.

Instead, turn things around. Your mind is a tremendous and important faculty. Accept the Magic in Your Mind.

Over time, because we see the results that correlate with these mental models, we slowly accept these beliefs as absolute truths. Yet, we oftentimes fail to see how they are limiting us.

And even if we do, we find it very difficult to break away from and overcome these limiting beliefs.

Yet, the worst thing about limiting beliefs is not the limits imposed by others, but the limits we impose on ourselves.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs

In your health…I cannot build up muscles like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). I don’t have the money to pay for a gym and nutritional supplements. I’m too old. I just don’t have time.

In your relationships…She’ll never be interested in me. I’m too short. I’m the wrong color. I’m too old.

In your wealth…Why would I want to ever become rich? The filthy rich stole the money from innocent, hardworking people like me. I don’t have the capital to start a business. I don’t have the business background to start a business.

The Power

The power of limiting beliefs is in their ability to hold you back from going after what you truly want. It is truly a destructive force. You actively sabotage your success by thinking already why you will fail. You avoid rejection by first rejecting the idea or person so that they will never have a chance to reject you. I was guilty of these very things for years.

What irks me more is that I believed in them. Yet, you will find that even once you are aware of your thoughts and how they limit you that you find yourself still captive to them.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

I wish that I could say it’s as simple and cliche as simply refusing to believe in a limiting belief and that once you do, you will transcend that belief.

Like anything else in life, your beliefs are a set of habits you spend years and decades reinforcing. Too often, we find ourselves thinking and concentrating on what we do not want. Rarely do we focus our energies on what we do want. It’s this continual resistance that brings more of the same into our universe.

The first step is to stop consuming media. The media consists of the news, television, movies, and magazines. Selectively consume media that will help you grow as a person. This blog is one such example (yes, I know I’m tooting my own horn 🙂 ).

Next, replace your limiting belief with positive ones. Start practicing affirmations today. You’re probably sitting there shaking your head, reading this, wondering how in the world would saying something positive, something that you want but have a hard time believing in, would make any difference.

The difference is this: An affirmation is no different than the negative thoughts that run rampart through your mind. It’s just that we choose to constantly indulge in and reinforce the negative thought patterns. In other words, we are what we practice daily to be. Practice negativity, and your outlook in life will constantly be toward everything bad and crappy.

Even if you initially find yourself in disbelief when reciting an affirmation, keep at it anyway. I know that when I first started, I felt like it was all a big lie. My mind was actually hurting at the cognitive dissonance of reciting an affirmation that I know not to be true.

Yet, over time I find myself starting to believe in it. Part of the reason why it works is that its impossible for our minds to hold to opposing thoughts simultaneously. A positive thought is more empowering than a negative one, for positiveness starts expanding your awareness of the universe and the abundance that is present. You start looking for reasons why something is good and why something will work.

Our minds are incredible cybernetic organs. Yet, they can also do us much harm. When we indulge in the negative, our minds start to look for information and evidence around us that support these claims so as to protect us.

In short, you replace your destructive negative habit with a positive one.

Visualize: Believe and You Can

Overcome Limiting Beliefs - ManSpirational.comOnce you hold the image of what you truly want in your mind and believe in it, then you will start acting in accordance to that belief. You will start doing what it takes to get to your goal.

Visualization is another key to success. Affirmations are useless if you simply do not believe in them. Imagination is the key to helping you believe that what is far beyond your reach is possible. It is singularly important that you are emotionally vested in your affirmations. You have to literally fake it until you make it.

Feel good, even if you initially think your affirmation is a big, fat lie. How does this work? Have you ever started laughing when you were in a lousy mood. Soon, your body and your mind has only one choice and one direction: You start feeling good.

In the same manner, when you recite your affirmations, think positive emotions. That way, you reinforce your beliefs and think more of the same as time goes on. Visualization is important here because living the life you truly want, with your goals already fulfilled, will bring about those positive emotions you need to feel in order to make things happen.

When you hold the image of what you want in your mind, you will also call upon the faculties of willpower, reason, memory, and intuition. You may believe that imagination is useless if what you imagine is far-fetched, based on what your experiences and results. What I’m telling you is what you imagine can happen.

You are given all these faculties for a reason. If you can think it, then you already have what you need to make it happen. If you need to push yourself further along, then shift your perception. Ask yourself what someone who has already achieved what you want do. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself how they would get to work and solve the problem.

Then, get to work.

Remember: We often incorrectly believe this: I’ll believe it when I see it. Instead, turn it around:

I’ll see it when I believe it.

Start Today

You alone have the power to stop consuming the bullshit that the media and other people feed you. When you are able to see that there are many truths to the world, then you can start seeing the truth you want and start living the life that you want.

Shift your perception and you will soon see a different set of truths. Replace your negative thoughts with affirmations. Use your imagination when you visualize your dreams already fulfilled. Apply the positive emotions that result from your visualization when you recite your affirmations. Visualization serves yet another purpose. You can hold what you want in your hands when you can see it in your mind.

So start today. Be gentle on yourself, and take it easy. In time, you will overcome limiting beliefs.

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