Man Becomes What He Thinks

Man Becomes What He Thinks -

Man becomes what he thinks. One of my favorites stories about being stuck, blind to our shortcomings that are keeping us back, is In the Walls of Eryx by H.P. Lovecraft. To summarize the plot quickly,  our protagonist by the name of Stanfield becomes entrapped in a maze of invisible walls while on a mission on Venus for a mining company.

He spends days navigating the labyrinth of invisible walls, able to see his freedom through those walls. Ironically, he is lost. He can clearly see his freedom beyond the maze. Yet, these invisible walls torment and torture him. He tries to mark the walls with his gun and knife so that he knows where has been and what he has tried, but is unable to leave any markings. He tries to scale the walls but find they are impossibly high. He tries to dig under those walls only to find that the foundation goes deep into the earth.

Each time, he goes back to the center of the maze where he was headed towards in the first place to obtain a rare material that provides a nearly infinite power source in order to regain his reference point. He tries for weeks on end to find his freedom without progress. Ultimately, Stanfield succumbs to death because he runs out of water, food, and oxygen.

A recovery team was on its way to rescue him. Ironically when the team found his still warm body, they curiously discover that he was only 25 feet from an invisible doorway that he has somehow managed to miss each and every time that he navigated that part of the maze!

If a man loses all hope and decides to lay down and die, then this is exactly what will happen to him. If a man perseveres and keeps the course despite all odds, determined to find a way out, then he will eventually find that way. Remember: Man becomes what he thinks.

What if you could spent just 6 minutes a day, consciously directed towards improving your life? Would you do it?

What You Seek Is Often Right in Front of You

Frustratingly, often what we seek is just right in front of us. But because of lack of experience or knowledge we miss seeing the key piece of information that makes everything come together.

For instance, would you have realized that you can fake confidence until you actually become a confident person? Or that living a life rife with the victim mentality is actually preventing you from getting what you want, from achieving your dreams or your goals? That most people are really only as happy as they make up their minds to be?

To hear about these things for the first time certainly sounds like New Age, Hippie nonsense. But what if I told you that this knowledge has really been around for centuries and that the people alive today, much like the people alive centuries ago, just repackaged this and called it by a different name?

When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in the late-early part of the twentieth century, he discussed in length a secret recipe on what it takes to grow massive wealth. Nightingale-Conant stumbled upon this same recipe and re-branded it as “what man thinks, he becomes”.

Everything you have in your life right now you attracted it in one form or another. The good. The bad. The ugly. You are sad because you attracted sadness into your life. You are poor because you attracted it. You are single because you choose to be. In other words, you constantly thought about what you don’t want. And you got more of what you didn’t want.

Do yourself a big favor: Start thinking about what you do want.

Man Becomes What He Thinks

This little gem of advice really is priceless. Truly, man becomes what he thinks. To do this, you have to be open to changing your belief system. You have to be open to incorporating new processes and beliefs into your life. And you have to be willing to act upon your new belief system.

Start today by doing these 11 things to be happy. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Change takes time. It’s a long, and at times arduous journey. There are times you find little in terms of willpower to persevere and continue. Improving your life, getting what you want, and chasing after your dreams requires a different mindset and belief system–a shift–than the ones that got you to where you are currently in life.

More importantly, it is a continual process of self-improvement. So, rather than race to the destination and becoming frustrated when you are lost or hit a detour, keep moving forward. Refine your process, or replace your paradigm with a new one if necessary. Most of all, enjoy the journey of self-actualization and self-discovery.

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  1. This is a great point! The confidence has to start somewhere, and the ‘act as if’ model isa as good a place to start as any.

    I remember one idea, can’t remember where I got it now it was so many years ago – the idea is that you pretend you are in the shoes of a successful person on that field, a top actor, sportsman, business man.

    Then you ask yourself what would they do, how would they act? This is greatfor giving you sense of self belief to act in a positive way at that specific moment.

    Thanks for the reminder,

  2. What a great, thought-provoking post! The point about acting confident to gain confidence is very true. I used that method when I was in college, and now have much more confidence when dealing with all sorts of situations. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great post! I think I do need to learn how to ‘fake confidence’

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