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I was first introduced to Bob Proctor when I saw him on The Secret several years ago. At the time, having just started embarking on my own personal development journey, I did not know who he was. I just thought of him as the sagely old man who introduced us to the secret.

You Are Your 5 Closest Friends

Years later, having taken personal development in a big way, I started to wonder how I can start progressing by leaps and bounds. I knew that if I wanted to see where I was heading that I need only look at my 5 closest friends. It’s a story that plays out across the world on a daily basis. People with the best of intents embark on a journey to lose weight, start an exercise program, or quit smoking. Yet, they fail to realize that they first need to change the habits around them. That usually means changing the small group of friends with which we hang out.  When Oprah Winfrey wanted to lose weight, she found her own friends criticizing her, asking why she would change because she is perfect just the way she is. Oprah decided to find new friends commensurate with her goals.

And that was how it started for me. I began to wonder how I could find new friends now that I was getting more involved and deeper in my own self-improvement journey. A friend suggested that I attend seminars on personal development as one often meets people who vibrate to a different energy level. When we are stuck in the day-in, day-out routine of our lives, it’s easy to become entangled and end up neck-deep without even realizing what is going on: That the energy of other people, who are often much like us, contributes to the continued hindrance and stagnation of our progress.

Bob Proctor’s Born Rich Seminar

As is always the case, when I am stuck on a problem I turn to the all-mighty Google for answers. Somehow, I discovered that Bob Proctor was reviving his Born Rich seminars, after a long, twenty year absence. The same friend mentioned that she loves Bob Proctor and that I will learn a lot from the man. She would end up being right.

The 3-day seminar was to take place at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles in October 2014. I bought a VIP pass at about $800, which included books and a Q&A luncheon with Bob. I then decided to look on YouTube to see what other teaching the man had. I would be pleasantly surprised to find the Born Rich seminar, filmed in its entirety back in the 80s. I started watching it and fell in love with the teachings. I knew that I would be attending something great in less than a month.

Coming Up! >> The Born Rich Seminar


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  1. I really like Bob Proctor, since I see him on The Secret movie.

    • If you get a chance, you might consider attending one of his seminars in person. The energy at these events is totally different than watching one of his videos on YouTube.

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