Do This to Change Your Misguided Beliefs About Success and Richness

Do This to Change Your Misguided Beliefs About Success and Richness - ManSpirational

I was recently captivated by this video of Joe Rogan speaking on how society and jobs are just one big trap (I agree!) and that we should break out of this trite and mind-numbing routine in pursuit of our passions and dreams, just as he did.

Faulty Beliefs About Success

What got me even more was the number of comments left by viewers demonstrating their faulty beliefs about success. These comments were filled with derogatory remarks and personal attacks directed towards Rogan. I would have thought that most people would be in agreement with Rogan, even praising him. Instead, commentators vilified Rogan, saying that he was just born into riches or got lucky because he got his big break hosting Fear Factor.

Other comments are more self-deprecating. One person said that it was easy for Rogan to say all this when he does not have to worry about making ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck. All I read into those comments was this: People are giving into their excuses and self-rejecting long before they ever decided to run in the race.

From where did these misguided beliefs come? I highly doubt that Rogan was handed an opportunity. Often, we have to recognize the situation for what it is and create our own opportunities. A quick Internet search shows that Rogan has not seen his father since he was 6 years old and that he made up his mind in his twenties to become a comedian. In other words, the success he enjoys for which he is criticized for is self-made. He began with the end in mind and worked relentlessly towards his goals, just as Jim Carrey did.


The Source of Misguided Beliefs

Here are a few more misguided beliefs about being success and wealth that you may have heard:

  • It’s better to be poor than rich because the rich are often unhappy.
  • Money can’t buy happiness.
  • I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and sad.

Sure, money is no guarantee of happiness but it certainly helps! Money can buy you time and make it far easier to achieve happiness.

After all, what has poverty ever solved? Poverty and prosperity are two sides of the same coin. It takes no more effort to be rich than it does to be poor. What separates successful people from those who are not is that successful people have made it a habit to do those things that increase their chances of success. For one thing, successful people made the decision to be successful. For another, they set goals and really follow them, hardly if ever changing their minds. Changing one’s mind, being wishy-washy, is a surefire method of guaranteeing failure.

One other point of clarification needs to be made. When most people hear the word “rich,” they usually think only of money. When I say “rich,” I mean richness of wealth, health, and relationships.

To become successful, you have to first believe it. You have to begin with the end in sight. You can only get as far as the image you hold of yourself and as fast as you are willing to improve yourself.

The better the self-image you hold, the more you really believe that your goals are achievable. In a way, this is a form of visualizing. One interesting thing I have noted in my own journey is that a lot of books that teach you how to make money do not really teach you how to make money but concentrate more on changing the paradigms, perceptions, awareness, and mindset that you have of the world.

So, the next time you see a successful person and catch yourself being judgmental, saying that he only got to where he is because of luck or was born into it, really question your beliefs. Ask yourself where your beliefs about success came from and ask yourself if you could possibly be wrong about them. When you are able to change how you normally perceive the world, the way the world looks at you changes.

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  1. Benson, I’m visiting from the UBC. You are a brilliant writer. I hope you have books in the works. People who knock Rogan are jealous and justifying not going for what they want. Like the angry members at Weight Watchers one year, who attacked me for being in the room b/c I was slim. I said, “I’m the RESULT! I’m on maintenance!” People said, “But you’re naturally thin!” No. Hard work. I’m subscribing to your blog. And I wish you powerful success!
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted…There’s Healing and There’s CuringMy Profile

    • Hi Kebba.

      Thanks! Your comments mean a lot to me. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of writing a book.


  2. You can be the richest person in the world and have no money. Great article reminding us that there is more to life than money.
    Penny recently posted…The God of DetailsMy Profile

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