Dare to Dream Even Bigger Dreams

Dare to Dream Bigger Dreams

Most people are afraid to chase after their dreams for one simple reason: They are afraid to. They are afraid to because they don’t know how to work at it. They are afraid they don’t know how to make it come true. Worst yet, what if the dream does come true and it’s something other than what the person had built up in his head? In other words, what if he succeeds?

When I first started chasing after my own dreams, I had these same feelings. Over time, I learned that failing isn’t so bad. The other thing I learned was that some dreams just weren’t for me. For instance, I dreamed about becoming a Special Agent for the FBI. Yet, as I went through the process and did informative interviews, I quickly discovered it was something other than what I had build up in my mind. I had also failed to pass the Phase 1 examination, but in looking back I am glad I tried. For one thing, I knew I would have quickly disliked the job, if the test was any indication of the literature I had to read on a daily basis in carrying out the duties of my job.

For another, failing here gave me the permission I needed to chase after even bigger, grander dreams. Shortly after, I decided to try my hand at blogging, because I have always enjoyed writing, even as a child. One of my other dreams was I wanted to see my name on a book, which meant I had to write the book first. I figured what better way to aspire towards authorship than to practice my craft through blogging.

I’ve also had other dreams that I did make come true. I succeeded and that in turn opened up the avenue for other, sometimes even bigger dreams.

Whether you succeed or fail in the pursuit of your dreams, you are giving yourself permission to dream even bigger yet.

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Dreams Are Important

So, you see. Chasing after dreams are important. In doing so, we may just discover that what we build in our heads is vastly different than the reality in which the dream lives. I say it’s better to find out sooner than later so that you waste precious little time chasing an illusion. In the case of the Special Agent position, I had pondered it for ten (10) years!

One nice side-effect of chasing after your dreams is that you start chasing after and living your true passions. We are the happiest when we do that which we feel we were created to do. The duality also allows us to chase after even bigger dreams, dreams we would not in a million years think about pursuing. Nowadays, my dreams are more grand. For instance, I dream of retiring before 40, getting out of the daily 8 to 5 grind, and living my life as a series of vacations, working only because I enjoy it rather than because I have to. I dream of traveling around the world, working out of my laptop. I dream of living anywhere I choose rather than have to because the job ties me to a particular location.

Will I ever get close to achieving these dreams? Only time will tell, but I do know one thing. I think about it constantly, and I am a true believer than man becomes what he thinks. In thinking about my dreams constantly, I do get flashes of inspired brilliance, which in turn motivates me to take inspired action and a step closer to making my dreams come true!

Some people may call me a dreamer, but for me this is a much better way to live. I choose to adopt a positive, can-do attitude rather than a fatalistic, doom-and-gloom one.

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  1. Wow interesting..there is a new perspective in your post. Dreaming not just about careers and ambition , but one can also dream retirement and vacations. Thats indeed awesome.

    Never thot of it…thanks for sharing. All the best for UBC
    Viyoma recently posted…Penalty BlackoutMy Profile

    • Thanks. I like it when people are able to see a new perspective in things they never thought possible.

  2. It’s important to chase our dreams, it gives us hope that we can achieve something, lovely post x

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