3 Ways to Visualize Your Goals

It has been said over and over that if you are able to visualize your goals and believe them, then over time you will achieve them. After all, man becomes what he thinks. Visualization has many favors. You can find a quiet place and basically day dream about what you want. Or, you can journal a … [Read more...]

Why You Should Learn How to Drive a Stick Shift

Learning how to drive a stick shift has more advantages than being able to drive just about any vehicle out there. Most people take the act of driving too much like eating, drinking, or brushing their teeth. Once they get into the vehicle, they go on autopilot, rarely enjoying the moment. To them, … [Read more...]

Meditation: The Heart Math Inner Balance Trainer

Meditation just got a lot easier with the Inner Balance Trainer from Heart Math.  For most people new to meditation, concentrating on breathing is one of the more difficult aspects.  We may be successful initially but our minds tend to eventually wander and we forget to concentrate on our … [Read more...]

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