How to Attract What You Want Into Your Life: The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Successful people have known about this for some time. They use this in their everyday lives. It helps them get what they want, whether achieving a goal or making lots of money.

What if you could implement this secret to their success and do what they do to finally get what you wanted? What is this “secret”?

It is known by a lot of different names and phrases. You may have heard of some of these:

 Man becomes what he thinks.

Think and Grow Rich

The Law of Attraction—(I know, the title of this article already gave it away.)

Known by many different names, it boils down to this. Very simply, everything you currently have in your life, you attracted it. You brought it into being through your thoughts and actions. You thought about it, so you got it.

The job you have. The car you drive. The house you are living in. The city you are in. That cold you have.

You. Attracted. It.  All of it.

Wait a minute! You are saying it is my fault that I have the crummy job I have? You are saying it is my fault I drive the clunker I drive? It is my fault I live in the place I live in, in the city I live in? You’re even saying that I got this cold I have because somehow I drew it to me, as if I wanted to get sick. Somehow, it’s all my fault? Somehow, I wanted all of this?

Why, yes. That’s exactly what I meant. In the article on victim mentality, we talked about how our brains desire to be in homeostasis and that ultimately we will do whatever it takes to return to homeostasis.

So, you may be merrily cruising along, when you suddenly won the lottery. Your happiness level goes up the roof, at least for a little while. Sure enough and soon enough, you return to your normal level of happiness. You get there because your subconsciousness does something to sabotage things. It desperately wants to return to its previous level of happiness. So you attract trouble unknowingly back into your life because that is what you had previously.

Take another more common example: You have been ill for quite a number of months with chronic pain. It has become the new norm. Because your body had been living with this pain for some time, it has become normal for you. You get up, day in and day out, having to learn to live with it. Every time you sit, you expect body part XYZ to hurt. You brace for the pain. You even embrace it as you would your lover. You might have some days where you wake up to find yourself pain-free. Let’s also say that one day, it miraculously disappears.  Its sudden absence is shock to your system.  Your brain actually freaks out, thinking the absence of pain is an abnormality. So, you might tense some muscles unconsciously until the pain returns! You want to feel normal again, but that normality is pain! People addicted to pain medication often subconsciously generate pain so that they can justify taking the medication!

The Law of Attraction works this way, too. You want this? You got it!

You want to feel “normal,” meaning being in pain? Check.

You want to have a bad day? You want to have people treat you like crap so that you can complain about your lousy job? Start walking around with a grouchy expression and a mean tone. Soon, you’ll get what you wanted.

Think of the Law of Attraction another way: It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

Just as the Law of Attraction can be used to bring bad things into your life, it can also be used to bring good things into your life. It may take a while to figure out how to use this to your benefit. Remember that you have been living in negativity and attracting bad things into your life for quite a while. It will take you some time to learn to change your negative thoughts to positive ones.

Several components contribute to the successful application of the Law of Attraction:

  1. Say what you want.
  2. Visualize it. Think about the emotions you will have when you get it. Now, associate these emotions with getting what you want as you practice visualizing getting it.
  3. Have faith that you will get eventually get what you want.

The first step is simple. Make a wish. What do you want? A new car? Make 6-figures? Move to a city of your choice? Be in a rewarding relationship? Be in good, physical shape?

Next, visualize getting what you want. Think of the swell of emotions that come with getting what you want. One good way to learn how to visualize more effectively is to learn how to meditate, as this practice helps to bring focus into your life.

Finally, have absolute faith that you will get what you want.

An In-Depth Example

Let’s say you want to be in good physical shape. There, you just took the first step.

The second step is to start associating the emotions you want to be feeling with being in good, physical shape. You might feel a greater sense of self-validation when members of the opposite sex start noticing you more. You might feel great knowing that you are now able to hike up a small hill without feeling winded. You envision yourself looking great in a form-fitting outfit that accentuates your body. All these are emotions you associate with being in good physical shape. Keep visualizing and feeling these emotions.  The act of both visualizing and feeling these emotions burn the positivity into your subconscious mind. What you are striving for is to create a well of feel-good emotions so that your mind eventually causes you to take inspired action towards achieving your goals.Law of Attraction--Visualizing What You Want

During this time, you will undoubtedly experience moments of ups and downs. It’s important during these times of downs to keep having faith that you will eventually get what you want.

You will experience moments where you might stop going to the gym altogether. It is important during these times of trials and tribulations to keep the course and persevere. The first few workouts may leave you feeling sore and tired. The exercises themselves may even cause you some minor pain! But you know that if you keep working out that eventually the pain goes away. Constantly remind yourself of how good it feels to have a nice physique, to have the lovely ladies giving you the once, twice, and three times over. Think of how good it feels to be able to exert yourself and feel good instead of being winded.

Visualize these good things constantly and associate the positive, feel-good emotions with them.

The emotions are the most important component in the practice of the Law of Attraction, for it is these emotions that cause you to take meaningful, inspired action.

The emotions drive you to get to the gym, even though you may not be feeling up to it that day. The emotions help you to work through the pain.

The visualization and emotions put your mind into the present. It is as you are living your creation. Your mind starts drawing from its rich depth of knowledge to help you get what you want. If your mind lacks the know-how then it will reach to the outside world and learn to acquire the information it needs. In a sense, you are awaken to the fact that you now know what you do not know.

You may even want to incorporate some negative emotions (it really is up to you though I personally would rather keep away from negative thoughts). For instance, you could tell yourself that if you miss today’s workout that you will be in pain, if that really is the case. For me, I actually need to exercise at least every other day or my back starts to hurt again. I think it has to do with the range of motions these exercises put my body through or my muscles start to ache again from not being stretched. You could also think of all that hard work going down the drain because your muscles start to atrophy and those rock-hard biceps start to look saggy again. Or, that you need your daily dose of endorphins to offset all that stress you have been feeling at work.

Your emotions can be put to good use to motivate you.

It may seem a bit phony to visualize and experience emotions as if you already made it but this serves another purpose: synthesizing happiness. Would you rather constantly live in negativity and gloominess, cursing to the heavens or whatever higher force you believe in for the current station in your life? Or, would you rather be happ(ier) so that you will be in a state to think positively, so as to take action and persevere towards your goal of getting what you want?

Law of Attraciton--The Physique You WantGoing back to the exercise example, sometimes you could hurt too much to want to continue working out.  You must keep telling yourself that the pain will eventually pass and that you will feel a whole lot better than you ever had before.  That is faith, knowing that despite how hard that road gets that one day you will reach your goal. You may not even necessarily know all the implementation details. It’s not important to know all the details, only that you will get there. For example, you decide to take a road trip from San Francisco to New York. The catch is that you are allowed to drive only at night. With your headlights, you can only see about a hundred yards in front of you. Yet, driving through the darkness somehow you know that you will eventually get to New York. It is the what that matters, not the how.

It took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries before he finally got the incandescent bulb right. A reporter asked him how it felt to have failed 10,000 times. Edison replied in essence, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Many people fail because they gave up too soon. If they had just kept the path and kept persevering, then they would have found success just around the bend.

That is the same way you should look at your goals. It may take you some time to achieve it.  But you will achieve it. We all look for the quick fix and want that instant gratification. Instead, sometimes it could take a while to achieve your goals. Sometimes, it could take a long while. You could fail many times along the way and face many setbacks.

It’s important to remind yourself that that’s what it is—a minor setback.

Always persevere. As the late Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Success is just around the corner.


To recap, the secret to success is to attract what you want. It starts with a simple wish. That is followed by visualizing getting what you want and also associating emotions with that imagery. It’s far from important what you actually do to get there. The swells of emotions you practice feeling eventually propel you to take inspired action towards getting what you want. Finally, keep persevering and working towards your goal. Have faith. It may take you a while to achieve your goal but you will get there eventually. Success is just around the corner.

You are what you think.

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