Affecting Change: Using Anger as a Motivational Tool

Using Anger as a Motivational Tool

Anger as Motivational ToolAnger, a powerful emotion often felt in the face of failure, may instead be used to your advantage.

Change is always hard, especially when we are the ones that have to do the changing.  Even when I had the forward momentum of impetus to change, I find myself stymied occasionally with mental or physical roadblocks that break my inertia.  Maintaining a constant stream of willpower to overcome repeated failures (and there will be many along your path to happiness and enlightenment), to sustain a positive outlook, and to simply keep trying is one of the hardest things to do.  You may find yourself getting angry constantly or wonder if you will ever achieve your goal.

Or, if you are just doomed.  Anger is a by-product of failure.  It is a powerful emotional force that can leave a sour taste in your mouth, your chest hurting, and even cripple you, causing you to fall into the victim mentality mindset.  Yet, it is also a powerful tool, for it is the fuel towards refueling your dwindling reserves of willpower.

The biggest roadblock towards changing is that of subconscious mind sabotaging itself.  For instance, you may be tired and weary of your current job and where you live.  Yet, when you actually get that phone screen that has the potential to forever change your life, you find yourself saying things to your potential employer that impairs the chances of you being hired.  For example, when asked what role you traditionally gravitated towards on a team, instead of saying you are a take-charge, go-getter, you say you are just a peon–a follower.  Bad thing to say if you are looking for employment in a product development company.

Repeated failures lead to a depletion of willpower.  It is a vicious cycle to get into, and you must be vigilant.  Oftentimes, you find yourself giving up or simply stop trying as hard as when you first had that passion in your heart in your efforts to continue towards your goal.  Anger here is a self-defeating attribute.  Instead, reframe the anger to help you.

Think of what you are trying to accomplish.  Now, think of how many times you have failed in the weeks, months, or even years.  Anger creeps in, and you wonder about your self-worth and your self-esteem.  Willpower inevitably dwindles.  Tiredness and exhaustion may have long set in.  Now, use that anger and tell yourself how frustrated you are that you are still failing to attain your goals.

Think of how you will feel when you actually accomplish what you had set out to do.  Hold on to that feeling as if you are living in that very moment now.  Now, bring yourself back to reality and experience the anger and pain of failing to be where you want to be.  Rather than feel sorry for yourself, listen to sad songs to bring yourself even more down, or blame the entire world for your problems (victim mentality is just a bad mindset in which to fall), be angry that you are still failing to attain your goals.  Be angry that your subconscious has sabotaged your last interview.  I am assuming at this point you know that you are intentionally sabotaging yourself, even if you want to succeed. It’s human nature to resist change and remain at homeostasis with your environment, even if that environment makes you feel down and blue.  It’s just what is normal to us; strangely, happiness and excitement feel foreign to someone who is used to being down and depressed.

It’s very easy to give up, crawl into a dark corner, feel sorry for yourself, and mope.  It takes real character to recover from failure.  Ultimately, we all fail.  It’s how we handle failure that sets the winners apart from the losers.  Winners learn how to win and hate losing.  Perverse as it sounds, losers fear winning and actually embrace losing.  It’s a feeling with which they are already familiar.

So, the next time you face failure, instead of just getting angry, reframe that anger to your advantage.  Use it as a positive emotion to help you keep marching forward towards your goal.

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