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Manspirational is dedicated to providing self-improvement advice and inspirational content to men everywhere.

I started this site after embarking on my own journey to self improvement and noticed a dearth of quality sites for Men’s Self-Improvement.  My personal journey began several years ago after I became restless, listless, and dissatisfied with my job.  I had become that majority of people working for the sake of working.  I wondered for a while if I was in the wrong career field.  Or, perhaps I was in the right career but in the wrong job.  The last time I was in college was almost a decade ago, but I had a simple but achievable goal: Graduate.  Yet, once I graduated my singular goal disappeared and almost immediately I lost focus.  Even then, I wondered what was next for me.  Now, what are my life goals?  It would take me almost 10 years before I started to seriously ask and reflect upon these questions.  The quest to seek answers was born.

We grow old quickly but grow wise slowly.

I hope that every man (and woman) eventually reaches a point in his life where he starts with the question, “What does it all mean?”  Yet, I intuitively sense that most people never get around to asking these questions.  Like being on a rowboat, many are just along for the ride, letting the currents take them where’vr they may.  Some eventually realize that life is within their control, if they would just seize the oars and start steering the boat.

My father was essentially an absentee father.  He provided a roof over our heads, food on the table, and my education.  Beyond that, he failed.  I had to teach myself the basics of life.  I lacked astuteness and awareness in such basics like social skills, manners, personal hygiene, tactfulness in dealing with people, and life skills.  He never encouraged me to participate in athletics or any kind of hobby (useful for building life skills).  Subsequently, I grew up as an incredibly shy hermit.  Joining the workforce as a young adult proved to be a rude awakening for me.  It would take many years of figuring things out before I finally started to find my way.

It is easy to be bitter over what has happen or failed to happen.  I was there myself for a long time.  In bitterness resides negativity and a vibe that you unconsciously emanate in your social interactions.  Like attracts like.  In bitterness we start to find blame rather than acceptance and accountability for our current situation.  Like any good student, I continue to grow and overcome these challenges.  It is all an iterative process, and it’s important to recognize it as such rather than throw up one’s hand in disgust and capitulate.

While the Internet does contain a wealth of information, I found the depth, breadth, and quality lacking.  Subsequently, I had to read numerous articles and slowly aggregate the information over time.  I could read an article ten times but still fail to understand it.  Sometimes, all it takes is just saying the same thing a little differently in order for me to finally gain comprehension.  This is part of what I hope to do with Manspirational, to bring all that I learned into a comprehensive library.  I also plan to cover some of the same topics from many different angles, saying things in different ways.  The hope is in one of these angles, in one of these variations of a theme, lays the guidance that will help you understand in a shorter amount of time that it did for me.

Benson Wong

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