3 Tips for Great Online Dating Photos

Obviously, having a photo i3 Tips for Great Online Dating Photoss very important for your online dating profile. Women are more likely to check out your profile than not if you have a picture posted. Of course, it helps to have a great picture of yourself to beat out on the mass of mediocre profile pictures. So, here are some tips on creating a great profile picture.

Avoid the Selfie

First of all, unless you are a woman avoid the selfie at all costs. It just screams that you have no friends who can help you to take a decent profile picture. Find a friend who is a decent photographer to take pictures for you. If you lack decent photographer friends, then consider the more costly option of having a professional take pictures for you. But before you consider going this route, first consider the following question: What is the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional photographer? The professional gets paid.

So, even if you have a friend who just does this for fun and is pretty decent at it, you should consider asking him or her for help in taking your profile pictures. If you really must go with a professional, first consider hitting up Craigslist and searching for the phrase “time for photo”. This is what aspiring photographers use to advertise their services. In return for your modeling time to help the photographer build up his or her portfolio, you will be provided a best set of photographs from that session, free-of-charge.

Displays of Pride

Now, in experimenting with profile pictures myself I have noticed that displays of pride rather than smiles often capture a woman’s attention. The reason is pride subconsciously communicates to the woman that the man is capable of securing resources, like money and friends, for the support of the family. You should also have a mix of pictures, some with you looking into the camera and others of you looking elsewhere. The reason for the latter is that women tend to find these pictures more attractive as she feels that she is checking you out without you realizing she is doing so.
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Have a Sexy Smile

If you smile, do what I call the Daniel Craig, sexy smile, with your lips slightly pursed, chin slightly down, wrinkles just beginning to form around your eyes, and eyes slightly closed. Reason is eHarmony and other dating studies have shown that women once again find a man with full-on smile less attractive, as smiles tend to defuse sexual tension. You are looking to create attraction

Convey Your Interests

Have a portrait, a close-up of your face and upper torso, showing your best features. If possible, the background of your portrait should also convey your interests and passions. Have a few that shows your entire body so that the ladies will have an idea what your physical fitness level is. If you have a muscular frame, subtly show it off. No one likes a show-off or you risk looking like someone who spends way too much time at the gym. While pictures with friends are a great idea, as it shows you have a social life, limit them to a couple, because sometimes it is hard to figure out which person in the group picture is you.

So, in review you should have the following photos for your profile:

  • 5 or 6 photos. Too little and too much is a bad thing. 5 or 6 seem to be the sweet spot.
  • Some should be portrait shots. Others should show your whole body. Try to have the background convey your interests and hobbies.
  • Have some with you looking into the camera and some looking away. Display pride or a sexy smile
  • If you must include group shots, use only a few. It’s too hard sometimes for someone to pick you out of a group of your friends.


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