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[This is part 1 of a 2-part article on how to walk with confidence. Part 1 is why you should walk with confidence. Part 2 shows you how to actually walk with confidence.]

Verbal language only accounts for less than 10% of our overall communication. Body language makes up the remaining bulk at over 90%! So, if we want to be and appear more confident it is important to always work on improving our body language.

Your walk is one of the biggest things you can work on. If you find your eyes suddenly drawn to a man or a woman walking down the street, chances are his or her walk is one of the main reasons. Amusingly, a walk that is confident is also sexy.

Your clothes matter, too. You should be wearing clothes exactly your size, not the one or two sizes too big like most guys are guilty of doing. A slim-fit polo shirt is a good start.

Next, compliment your polo shirt with a pair of nice shoes, a hot pair of shades, and good nutritional supplement to build a sexy muscular physique.

 A Confident Sexy Walk Helps You in Many Aspects of Your Life

A confident, sexy walk can prevent you from being attacked on the streets. Predators will instead look for an easier prey.

It will help you with your career. Leaders such as President Obama, have a very confident walk. If other people perceive you as being confident, then they naturally assume you are an authority. This, in turn, helps you step up the career ladder.

A man with a confident walk tells people many things. It telegraphs your overall physical and mental health. It tells people that you are self-assured. People tend to follow those who appear or give the perception of knowing what is going on.

Of course, having a confident sexy walk also helps you get what you really want, which is to have a more successful life. A successful life starts with a shift in your perception, using the faculties of imagination, visualization, reasoning, will power, and intuition.

Walking confidently also provides a biofeedback loop between the mind and body. If you walk confidently, soon you will feel more confident.

More interestingly, if you have been plagued with chronic pain of which there is no medical basis for its cause, then changing the way you walk may actually help alleviate the chronic pain that is likely muscular in origin. Put another way, you have been using your body wrong your entire life, and it has finally caught up to you in the form of pain.

Back pain may be endemic of a bad posture and fixing your walk may help eliminate that back pain. The other reason is the confidence boost you get from just changing your posture, which then influences your mind. The mind boost can actually make you feel better, especially if you have been a naturally glum and sad person for most of your life. This, in turn, affects how your body feels.

What Does a Confident Sexy Walk Look Like?

So, what does a confident sexy walk look like? It’s pretty hard to accurately describe with words, but a video is very instructional and telling. Here is compilation of Daniel Craig walks, who I consider to have a very confident walk, especially from his Bond movies.

What do you notice? Craig’s arms are almost always relaxed at his sides. They move as he moves, directly in front of him. His hands are also relaxed rather than tight-fisted. His head is parallel to the ground. His eyes look straight forward, too. His feet are at shoulder width.

Most of all, his shoulders move. For a man, a confident walk is when his shoulders move. Just as you find a woman’s walk sexy because her hips are swaying, so too do women find a man’s walk confident (and sexy) when his shoulders are moving.

Your shoulders and arms move as a byproduct of your body moving. You are not trying to make them move at all. That is one of the reasons why people walking this way are perceived to be confident. They have a calm and relaxed demeanor about them. They approach life at their own pace.

Confident men also move slowly. They refuse to let circumstance dictate their speed and pace in life, for they are in control of the circumstances. The circumstances do not control them. This is what moving slowly conveys to other people subconsciously.

To break it down into an easy-to-read list, here are the components of a confident walk:

  • Good posture
  • Straight back
  • Chest out
  • Head parallel to ground
  • Arms relaxed at sides
  • Hands relaxed
  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Shoulders move, almost in a rolling figure-8 motion. Think of how a puma walks when it is stalking something. The way its shoulders move looks like a rolling figure-8.
  • Arms swing naturally directly in front of you


So, there you have it, a confident sexy walk broken down into a series of steps so you can also walk with confidence and ooze with sex appeal. You will always want to walk with confidence in order to convey confidence. As always, I am a big fan of the mind-body biofeedback loop.

Feeling sad. Smile and laugh. Soon, you will feel happier.

Feeling unsure of yourself? Walk with confidence. Soon, you will be more sure of yourself.

The walk is one of the biggest ways we communicate non-verbally to other people. It communicates your overall physical health (walking with vigor or limping). It communicates self-assuredness. In short, it tells other people that you are a confident man!

Want more confidence and successes in your life? Then, be sure to claim your blueprint towards becoming a more confident and successful man!

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