Why You Must Go After the Big Goals

Why You Must Go After the Big Goals - ManSpirational.com

Setting a Goal Too Low

First off, did you know that the majority of us are guilty of setting goals so low that we already know how to get there?

We should be setting goals higher than that! We should be setting goals in which we simply do not know how to get there. It’s just that we start to doubt ourselves and start asking the inevitable question: How do I go about achieving this goal? When we cannot see how, we “see” how foolish we were. In essence, we acquiesced defeat before ever starting!

This happens all the time. We strive to buy a new car very similar in class and price to what we currently drive. We apply to jobs that we already know how to do. We even buy houses the same way. In other words, we opt for more of the same rather than to creatively drive ourselves out of the comfort zone.

The Big Goals

Bob Proctor calls this a Type C goal. These are the goals for which we should really be striving. The majority of us set Type A goals. If we’re really adventuresome, we might make them Type B goals. But the difference between Type A and B goals is so miniscule, we wonder why we even differentiate them.

We know how to make Type A or B goals happen. This is a car that is slightly more expensive that what we currently drive. This is going after a modest pay raise instead of a quantum leap. In other words, these are easily-achievable goals. And there is no glory or growth in the fulfillment of these types of goals.

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Go After Type C Goals!

Type C goals are really the goals we should be going after. They are a big jump from Type B goals. We don’t know how to make them happen. It’s just that we have decided to make them happen.

How do you know if your goal is a Type C goal? It’s quite simple. Do you know how you are going to get there? Nope. Great! That’s criteria number one satisfied.

Now, does this goal scare you and excite you at the same time? Yes. You have a Type C goal!

What are some examples of Type C goals? Raising $10 million in charity to free people from hunger. Making monthly what you are currently making annually. Getting up in front of a 1000 people to speak, especially when you’ve only been speaking to 10 people at most. It’s goals that truly move you out of your comfort zone, goals that are so big, you have no idea how you are going to do it.

And it scares the crap out of you to do so.

But you do know this: You are going to do it.

The biggest fault we can commit when going after Type C goals is to ask ourselves the how. As soon as we do that, self-sabotage becomes apparent. We talk ourselves out of it, convincing ourselves that it was a dumb idea from the get-go. Instead, worry not about the how. Instead, just make a decision that you are going to do it. Ask yourself if you are willing and are you committed. If you are, you are a step closer. Thinking about goals this way helps you to take action.

Passion Is Important!

Are you passionate about that Type C goal? Passion is important, for it is the fuel that keeps you going after the 1000th time you’ve failed. It keeps persistence at the forefront of a slow-moving and at oftentimes frustrating race. If you lack passion for a Type C goal, then it would be very hard to realize its fulfillment.

In other words, you have got to want it bad enough to put up with falling on your face over and over and over!

You should also start keeping a daily gratitude list. Every morning, the first thing you do would be to reflect upon the events of the previous day and find things for which you are grateful. This could be simple things, like having pasta for dinner, getting a compliment at the gym, bumping into an old friend, finding a penny on the floor, or just the act of practicing gratitude.

To be in an attitude of gratitude is important, for it reframes your thinking and opens you up to possibilities and abundance, whereas prior to this, you may have been focusing primarily on lack and scarcity. So, being grateful opens you up to options and opportunities, to see and think of things you may have outright glossed over or dismissed in the past.

If your want is strong enough, then start using your imagination daily to visualize seeing the life you want to life, as if you are already that person. Incorporate all sensory faculties into your visualization. This is what all highly successful people do. They act as is they already got it. So should you. You might even consider writing stories every week on how you are living the life of your dreams. Personally, I keep a journal and write into it as if I am already the person I want to become, living the dream I have always wanted.

It’s this strong emotional component and association that keeps you persevering and persisting when the chips are done and when failure seems a constant story of your life. You can never know when success is just around the corner, so keep going!

But the number 1 trick to do is to keep a goal card and write out what you want. Be specific. In your goal card, write out your goal as if you already have it. Specify a date in the future that you believe and write out what it is that you already have in your life. For example,

I am so happy and grateful now that it is April 20th, 20xx, and I am [living in area of your choice] [working in the job or vocation of your dreams] [making so much more money than you had in the past][met the woman or man of your dreams].

So, you can see that we have several components to this goal card:

  • Being happy and grateful that you already have it, so that you act in congruence to what you want, incorporating a strong, emotional component that causes you to take daily action towards the realization of your goal
  • Listing a date so that you will have a deadline to shoot for. It does not matter if you reach your goal by the specified date. The date just causes you to take action.
  • Of course, being specific in what you want. Good: Working as a nurse and helping patients live more comfortable, better lives. Bad: Working at my dream job. Why is this bad? What is your dream job? Do you even know?

Once you have your goal card written out, keep it in your wallet or in a place where you will see it often so that you are reminded of what your goals are. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to forget what we want when things start getting hectic. Having your goal card in a visible place serves to remind you of what your dreams are and serves to remind you to take daily action towards those dreams!

So, start thinking about your Type C goals, write out what it is you really want, and start chasing them! Life is much too short to live in fear and to play it safely. Think about this as a closing thought: The majority of people tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely to their graves.

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