Why You Are Quitting Before You Ever Start

Why You Are Quitting Before You Ever Start -ManSpirational.comToo often, when we’re about to take the next big step in our lives, such as changing or relocating for a new job or finding that special someone as we are about to enter a new relationship, our old script comes into play to make sure we get more of the same rather than what is best for us. It is human nature to maintain homeostasis with our environment. It is also human nature to maintain a certain level of happiness. One study showed that the happiness level of two people, one who won the lottery and the other who became a quadriplegic, return to their pre life-altering event after about 6 months. In other words, the lottery winner may have been ecstatic when he found out he won the lottery, but after six months he was just as happy as before he had won the lottery. The same goes for the quadriplegic. He may have been devastated to find out that he may be bedridden for the rest of his life, but after about six months he was just as happy as before the unfortunate event.

Be Conscious of What’s Happening

So then, as we are about to embark on life’s journey, we need to be conscious of this script that comes into play whenever we are about to take a big step. It’s just the fear of the unknown. It’s just our brains wishing to maintain the status quo because any new experiences that take us out of our comfort zones cause cognitive dissonance. Our minds fight like hell to maintain what it knows best, sometimes to our own peril. I mean, it really does suck when our own minds plays games to deny us new experiences and new opportunities.

It’s Just a Habit

When we first learn something new, we expend close to 100% of our brain power on it. As we become acquainted and familiar, soon our brains start skipping steps as we realize what is necessary and what is not. Habits are formed in this way in order to shortcut a mundane process In the same way, our brains form a habit whenever we give up. Yes, giving up can be habit-forming. Give up too often and soon our brains shortcut the process to the point that it merely becomes a reflexive action.

So, I challenge you to take note the next time you are about to try something new and your brain tells you to give up reflexively rather than gain new experiences or potentially win something big in that new opportunity. Look for the feeling of discomfort and know that something big is about to happen in your life. Form a new habit of recognizing the situation as a challenge about to be undertaken and conquered!

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