How Photography Boosts Your Confidence

Photography Boosts Confidence

“How would it?” you must be wondering. After all, it’s just taking pictures.

Ever observe other people at a gathering in which the cameras invariably come out? These are events such as weddings, parties, conferences, expositions, sporting events, and the like in which it is technically alright for the photographer to approach the subject without interference.

For example, I attended the Japan Expo in Santa Clara, CA. This exposition featured artists, pop rock idols, authors, and actors from Japan. It was also a cosplayer’s paradise. For a shutterbug like me, it was a photo-op haven.

This was the first time ever that the Japan Expo was held in the United States. Included at this event were live-stage performances. A section was set aside especially for the press. You could also get quite close to the stage, if you want to angle for better shots. Just for reference, I was able to approach the press section without being challenged for my creds. In fact, the atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed. The staff pretty much left attendees to sit where they wanted, so long as they did so without blocking the walkways.

I just presented several options for someone wanting to get a good picture of the performers. Yet, what’s the typical thing that you do see? People with cameras typically hang back and take pictures rather than try to get closer to the subject for a great shot. They settle for an ok shot rather than a great shot. What they fail to realize is the action they take there is in general how they live their lives.

If you are one of these guys that hang back rather than move forward, ask yourself if this is also how you live your life. Do you take chances or play it safe? Do you take action or just hang back and hope for the best? Do you live life or let life live you?

So, as a self-improvement exercise I challenge you to do this: Pick up a camera and act with confidence that you belong there. Better yet, pick up a camera that looks like a DSLR and instantly command attention. I often find it humorous that when I point my premium point-and-shot at a subject that they instantly snap to attention. I also have had people assume that I just belong there, without ever challenging my presence. All I really am is just a guy that loves taking pictures and posting them to my (other) blog.

Challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone by putting yourself out there: Move in closer for a better shot. In fact, press your luck until a member of the staff or security asks you to step back a bit. I do this quite often. For example, I was walking through City Walk at Universal Studio, when I noticed a crowd of people up ahead. As I walked closer, I realized that Jay Leno was interviewing a member of the public. I instantly took out my cell phone camera and jumped on a planter to angle for a better shot, which I got. A few seconds later, Leno’s security detail, asked me to step off the planter, which I did. Most people would just hang back and try to get a shot through a sea of people. I instead got as close as I can to get that shot.

Another time I was asked to take pictures at a dinner banquet with 500-plus attendees. They were holding a live-auction, complete with bidding. Everyone’s attention was focused on the stage. I wanted to capture the 500-plus attendees, which was a new record for the banquet. So, I got up on stage with the auctioneer and took pictures of the entire banquet hall filled with people now looking my way!

I believe that by doing little simple things, such as taking up a hobby like photography and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone so as to get a better shot translates to other areas in your life. As To close, let’s take another example. In addition to photography, I also blog. Blogging allows my voice to be heard, my thoughts to be shared, and my values to be offered. That has helped me to become a better communicator at work and to voice my opinion on a matter during meetings. The old me would have surely hung back and kept quiet.

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  1. Blogging is a great way to share your viewpoints and even I have a food blog for hobby..great share!

  2. Hmm, I’m not going to lie; I hate pictures of myself!

    • You just need a good photographer to highlight your best qualities. My photog did the same for me with my FB profile pic.

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