5 Ways to Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying Today and Start Being Happy.

Worry. It’s enough to make even the healthiest individual sick. In hand with worry is stress. Stress accounts for over 75% of all health-related problems. With stress being the underlying factor for so many illnesses, it then is very important to cut out the stress. Here are 5 things you can do today to start eliminating the stress in your life.

  1. What Control Do You Really Have?

    Most things we worry about will never happen anyway. Even if they occur, we can do little about them anyway. For those things we have some control over, ask yourself this. What is the worst that can happen? Can I do anything about it anyway if it does happen?

    For example, driving is the most dangerous thing most everybody does. You are more likely to die from a car accident than you are from an airliner crash. You take what precautions you can, such as making sure your seatbelt is securely fastened, leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front of you, and playing the “what-if” game to anticipate what can go wrong at any given time behind the wheel. You may have even enrolled in vehicle safety courses, practicing your emergency braking and what to do in the event of a loss of control, such as when your vehicle starts hydroplaning.

    In other words, you think of the worst possible things that may occur and take all the precautions you can. There is little else you can do.

    Apply this same thinking to other things that may be causing you worry. You will find yourself starting to learn how to let go of the things you have little control over!

  2. Take up meditation.

    Meditation helps hone the mind, which tends to wander a lot. Scientists estimate we have over 50,000 thoughts every day, many of which even we are not aware of having. It is these thoughts that lead to worry and stress just beneath the conscious layer. For example, it took me many years to realize that worry and stress was a major contributing factor to my acid reflux disease. Of course, it also helps that the otolaryngologist ruled out any physical causes for my acid reflux disease. The most telling was when I started a regular exercise program. Within several weeks, I noticed I was no longer experiencing acid reflux attacks. I also started to monitor my thoughts more closely and would ask myself what could possibly be bugging me when I started to experience another acid reflux attack.

    Brain Sync meditation CDs, which uses sound to impart a sense of peace and well-being to the subconsciousness, might also work for you, as it has for me.

  3. Exercise releases dopamine, which is the hormone that causes us to feel good. Exercise seems to be a catch-all that helps prevent many health-related issues and even heals our bodies when disease is already running rampant. Our bodies have a difficult time healing under stress, as anybody who has ever waited nervously for medical test results can attest.  Treat your body well by exercising regularly.
  4. Start journaling or praying

    Something that is causing us worry and stress can just be under the layer of our conscious thoughts. Yet, we have a hard time placing our finger of what exactly that is. Journaling or praying is a way of placing into words what it is that is worrying us. The act of having to put words to paper or verbalize a problem to God causes us to focus in on that issue. Sometimes all you need to do to start the healing process is to figure out what that problem is, then start looking for a solution.

  5. Start following your heart and your dreams.

    The stress in our lives may also originate from us not living to our full potentials. You may have that book you want to write, that business you want to start, or that creative idea that you think can be a really good business potential. Yet, one of the biggest fears we have is to chase after our dreams. So, we sit there and analyze our plan and our dreams to hell, thinking of the best course of action to take.

    Yet, we never act on it. The biggest fear is failing.

    But you know what? Failing is healthy, even good for you. We learn from our mistakes. Mistakes tell us what works and what doesn’t Failures are a way of telling us that maybe that was not for us after all. Better to find out now than waste years chasing what could have been. Time is a precious commodity.

    Ever study the mindsets of entrepreneurs? Many simply took a chance and acted. Remember that action always trump inaction! They have a passion and they chased after it relentlessly, sometimes for years without really knowing if their idea would pan out in the end. Yet, they held absolute faith. Success rarely happens overnight. Sometimes, it takes years, even decades before we start seeing the fruits of our labor. Yet, if you follow your passion have you really done any work?

    Just you taking action could lead to other things down the road. So, idea A may have failed. But in learning to make things happen and just trying, you learn new things. Learning new things help us see the world differently. It reframes our thoughts and we experience the world differently.

So, these are the 5 things you can start doing today to cut the worry and stress from your life. No one solution is correct, and sometimes the best solution is a combination of the above four or even every one of them. For example, we may want to realize a dream but lie to ourselves that it is impossible to achieve because, well, because of excuses. Excuses such as I have no money to start a business or I do not have the knowledge to start a business. Well, knowledge is always obtainable. I think it may surprise you to find that Old Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company knew nothing about engines when he sought to make a car accessible and affordable to every person in this country. Yet, he found people that knew how and had them figure it out. Meditate on what it is you really want to be happy. It helps your mind to focus on what matters.. Likewise, considering starting a journal to give yourself a more coherent and solid picture.

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  1. I like to begin each day with prayer, meditation and exercise. I tend to navigate my day with much more ease when I do so.

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