How to Have a Confident Sexy Walk

How to Have a Confident Sexy Walk -

Now that you know why you must have a confident sexy walk, this post will cover how to actually walk with that confidence and sexiness we spoke of.

It’s important because body language accounts for more than 90% of our non-verbal communications, compared to just 10% verbally. Our mind also tends to follow what our body is doing. So if you adjust your body to project more confidence, in time you will feel and become more confident.

There are many more factors to increasing confidence and ultimately success. Learning how to walk confidently is a good step in the right direction, but so is learning how to better use the six “gifts” you already possess to start going after what you truly want so that you can build your bridge to success.


The Anatomy of a Confident Sexy Walk

Of course, when you walk with confidence and sexiness, you will also turn heads and draw attention wherever you go.

To start, look with your eyes and head parallel to the ground.  When you look down, all you are doing is telling the world that you are dejected and defeated.

Your back should be straight. Your chest pushed outwards, like a soldier at attention. This posture should feel natural to you.

If it feels far from being natural then you will need some time to acclimate to this new posture, especially if you have had a lifetime of bad posture to overcome. Your back may go so far as to hurt for the first few months!

Almost any change will feel foreign and somewhat awkward, but that is to be expected. After all, you have been doing something wrong for most of your life, and it will take time to adjust to the correct way of doing things.

Now take a step forward. As you do so, you should feel your shoulder dropping and moving behind you on the side with which you are taking the step. The opposite shoulder should go up and forward. The side with your feet forward will have your arms moving backwards under its own momentum. The side of your body with which you are pushing off to take the step will have your arms moving forward under its own momentum.

You may need to take several steps in order to build up your speed and momentum in order to cause your arms to sway. Then important take-away here is the only reason your arms and shoulders move is from the momentum and gait of your moving body.

Your Feet

Your feet should always be pointed forwarded, not splayed to the sides with each step that you take. Splaying to the side makes you look comical (think of the way Charlie Chaplin walks). They should also be shoulders’ width apart, even as you walk.

The reason your feet are shoulders’ width apart is to, of course, make you appear more masculine. You appear more masculine because subconsciously people wonder why your feet are so far apart. And there is only one real reason: Your legs are spread as far apart as they are to prevent from squishing your, um, large family jewels!

Also, people with their feet close together appear less sure and less confident of themselves. Think of the cowboys from the Old West with their wide stance and you get the idea on how far apart your feet should be.

With the leading foot taking its first step, you just landed heel-to-toe. As you land on your heel, push off with your trailing foot. As you do this, the shoulder on this side will now be moving up and forward. As this foot passes the other foot, the other shoulder will now be moving down and back.

I know this all sounds quite confusing. To clarify, we will now label sides.

As you take your first step with your right foot, your right shoulder of course moves up and forward while your left shoulder moves down and backwards. Your left arm will be swinging forward under its own momentum. The right arm will be swinging backwards.

As you land with the heel of your right foot, push off with your left foot. As you do so, you will feel your right shoulder dip down while your left shoulder moves up. Your arms will now be swinging in opposite directions. That is, your right arm will swing forward while your left arm swings backwards.

If you want more shoulder movement then take wider strides. Your arms and shoulders move only under the momentum of your body and because they are relaxed. Remember to keep your hands relaxed rather than ball them into fists.

As you lift your trailing right foot off the ground and forward for the next step, your right shoulder once again falls backwards while your right arm swings backwards. Your left shoulder will rise and move forward, with your left arm swinging forward.

Whichever foot forward you eventually land with, you might want to also relax your hips and let it rotate slightly about the axis of that leg. The rotating motion actually translates up to the shoulders, causing the shoulders to also slightly rotate. It is in this characteristic of rotating your hips and shoulders that makes a walk appear confident.

Your Shoulders Naturally Move

Remember that for men a confident sexy walk is a walk in which his shoulders move. The movement should be natural and as a result of your body mechanics from moving your feet. Your shoulders should only be along for the ride, without you really trying to move them.

Your goal is to cause your shoulders to move in a rolling figure-8 motion. This is the same motion you see on a puma’s shoulders when it is stalking its prey. Or, think of your cat when it is moving. Think about how its shoulders move. This is the motion you want.

If you have troubles making your shoulders move, you might want to move them purposely, just to get a feel for how they should move. Over time, you will learn how to move your feet correctly so that your shoulders move. Just remember that if you move your shoulders on purpose that you actually look more like a tough guy looking to pick a fight than you do a confident, sexy man.

The Gun Slinger and Super Model Runway Walk

There are two other walks that are very similar to the confident sexy walk. They are known as the super model runway walk and the gunslinger walk. The super model runway walk is just as it sounds, with a super model strutting his stuff down the runway.

The other walk is the gunslinger walk, with John Wayne being the most famous of them all. Police officers also walk like gunslingers. The gunslinger walk is named after the people who carry a sidearm and spare magazines at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions, respectively if right-handed.

They have to hold their arms a little further out and swing them diagonally in front of their body for a very simple and practical reason: Swinging the arms straight forward will result in painful collisions with the gun or the magazines, the very least of which would be scraped arms with missing skin!

Holding the arms further out from your body also gives you the appearance of having broad, manly shoulders.

Actually, when you do the confident, sexy walk, you are in essence doing the super model runway walk! It is also a very slight variation of the gunslinger walk. The only difference with the gunslinger walk is that the arms swing diagonally and in front of the body while the super model walk has those same arms swinging straight forward.

I mention the gunslinger walk because one way of short-cutting the learning process is to strap on a sidearm or toy pistol and practice walking like a gunslinger to get a feel for how you should move your arms. You will know quickly if you do it wrong, for you will be hitting the sidearm and taking off skin!

Roadblocks to the Confident Sexy Walk

One of the hardest things to overcome when you are first learning this walk would be learning how to relax your shoulders. If you spend any inordinate amount of time hunched over something, such as a computer, you may find this very difficult, as I did.

Watch some high-strung people the next time you are out and about. You may find they are literally walking with their shoulders hunched! Actually, both their arms and their shoulders may not be moving at all, which looks really weird. Your shoulders and arms should move naturally without any effort on your part.

The other thing, too, is too much shoulder movement actually makes you look like you are a tough guy looking to pick a fight. In a tough-guy walk, the person is actually making his shoulders and arms move on purpose. The resulting movement is greatly exaggerated. It looks almost comical. So, there is a fine line between confident man and hoodlum.

To help you learn how to relax your shoulders, you might want to take up meditation or maybe even get regular massages to teach yourself how to relax your body.

The next thing of course is just general nervousness at changing what is probably a life-long habit. Your walk, like anything else, is just another habit.

You may also be afraid that other people will find out what you are up to. That should be the last of your worries. You are improving your own life by improving your walk, which in turn ups your confidence level. The important question here is why do you care what your “friends” think? If they are really your friends, then they should be supportive and wishing you the best on your new journey.

As an enlightened man, you are always learning and growing. Your friends should be, too.

What’s a little discomfort now or even for a few months, if it means bettering your life? Remember that your shyness, nervousness, and another other traits are also just a bunch of habits you learned and ingrained over the years. So, start today by learning new, more enriching habits.

The funny thing about tweaking things that you have been doing for a life time is that it causes you to start noticing things about your own body. You may realize one day that you are misusing your own body. In my case, it took me about 3 months of constant practice before I realized that I was perpetually walking around with hunched shoulders.

I had been getting massages in an effort to relax them, too. When I realized I was doing this unconsciously, I made a real conscious effort to relax my shoulders. Interestingly, once I started relaxing my shoulders I also noticed that my chronic headaches went away!

Put It All Into Action!

So, learn to walk in such a way that tells the world you are beaming with confidence. If you need a visual aid on how to do the walk, here’s a YouTube compilation of Daniel Craig walks. I consider him to have a very confident sexy walk.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Get regular massages to help learn how to relax your body. A big part of the confident sexy walk is learning how to be comfortable in your own skin so that your shoulders will sway naturally.

It might take you weeks, or even months before you finally get the walk. In the meantime, you might even want to record yourself on video to see how you are progressing.

But most importantly, keep at it and one day you will find girls turning heads, somehow drawn to you as you as enter a room with your confident, sexy walk.

Want more confidence and successes in your life? Then be sure to claim your blueprint on building up your confidence and success!


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