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Outcome Independence Job Search -

I have a job interview. I’m so nervous!

One of the things you should constantly strive towards in a job search is outcome independence. That is, be free of the outcome of whether or not you get the job.

Instead, think about how would you do at an interview if you cared very little if you get the job.

Rather than be nervous, sweating bullets, wondering if you said the right thing, and even possibly appearing sickly and unsure of yourself (really bad things to convey in an interview!), you would start projecting a more relaxed, carefree, happy, and even confident attitude.

You will have fun as you answer a barrage of interview questions, all designed to tell the interviewer why he should not hire you.

Why I Want to Hire You

Most job search advice centers around this: The interviewers are looking for any reason to disqualify you.

Instead, shift your perception and look at it a different way: They are trying to qualify me. What can I do to help?

With a simple shift in your perception, you can start changing the results you have been getting, putting you on a path towards greater success.

When you start doing this, you build rapport and trust with interviewers.

If you go into the interview already thinking the interviewer is hostile, then you will subconsciously project a standoffish attitude, which only causes the entire mood of the interview to quickly spiral downwards.

So, think of why the interviewers want to hire you so that you can start building the trust and rapport to show why you are the best candidate for the job. Thinking in these terms also helps you to build your abundance mindset. You are creatively demonstrating your values and putting your best out there.

This attitude is infectious to the interviewer and any other person you interact with during the course of the day. You look like a person who loves life and loves his work. You are mellow and fun to be around.

You may even be more likely to get the job now.

So, the thing to tell yourself is, “If I get the job, that’s great. If I don’t, that’s great, too. I have other options to explore.”

Cultivate Your Abundance Mindset

To be outcome independent is to have an abundance mindset. We tend to think of resources as being scarce and will do nearly anything to hold onto them.

Sometimes the more desperately we want something, the more we try to hold on to it, the more likely we will lose it.

The world is full of opportunities, just waiting behind every door. Leave the scarcity mentality behind and stop trying to force things. If one thing fails to work out for you, you have a lot more other opportunities waiting for you. As a person of abundance, instead of waiting for opportunities to knock at some random door in the future, you become the person who builds the door.

It also helps to re-frame your thoughts that things happen for a reason. Perhaps the opportunity fell through because you would have been a poor fit with the rest of the team. Or, they found somebody else internally to fill the position. Either way, thinking this way puts the onus back on you to take responsibility and accountability for what has transpired. In other words, you escape the victim mentality mindset.

Looking for a job and failing constantly is disheartening at best. Sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate the situation. Perhaps, you are carrying the bitterness from other failed interviews with you to the most latest one, projecting unconsciously your anxiety and fears onto the interviewer. This could very well be the reason the company declines to offer you a position.

There’s very little we can control in the hiring process. When you go into the interview with past failures on your shoulders and the pressure to succeed, you will certainly project desperation and negativity. At this point, the interviewer will look for most any reason to reject you, because they have their fears, too. They fear that you will be a blight on their reputation and cost the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Many Things Are Outside of Our Control

Being outcome independent will help you to project that self-assured, happy, relaxed, and confident demeanor. This in turn increases the likelihood of getting hired.

In the end, you can only control your thoughts and attitude. Think of the interview process as why they qualifying you.When you start looking at the situation from a slightly different angle, from one of hostility to one of hospitality, the way the situation looks at you changes.

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  1. Great post!

    Yesterday I applied for a job that I really want:) I already have a job, but I need to get another one cause I hate my work hours and I have been in the same place for over 7 years now. It is time to move on, but I have not have any good luck so far. You can’t give up.
    So now I cross my fingers for this job:)
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