5 Tips to Help Find Your Passions

Passion is the essence of life that too often we deprive ourselves of. It defines who we are. It moves us. It motivates us. It drives us to continue an endeavor, to keep trying where other people would have given up a long time ago. Passion is important if you are to find joy and happiness in what you do, allowing you to persist through turbulent times and to keep the path. It is the hidden cocktail that allows us to forge ahead, regardless of the number of roadblocks and hardship in our paths, ultimately achieving success. Ultimately, passion enables us to be true to ourselves and live in the moment.

But what if you have still yet to discover your passions? Today, we are going to take a step closer to securing your happiness. Today, you will learn 5 tips to helping you find your passions.

Listen to Your Inner Child

Child dreamerWere there certain activities you found more enjoyable than others? Did you lose track of time when doing these activities? In other words, were you living in the moment? If you did not really have a childhood in which your parents actively encouraged you to participate in various activities so as to help spur your intellectual and spiritual growth, then you may have to actually get out there and start building data points to see what you do like. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know what a particular activity entails short of actively being engaged in it.

You do have some options, even with a limited range of activities. In this case, examine the attributes of those activities you found appealing. For example, did you enjoy the creative aspect, the analysis, attention-to-details (craftsmanship), or creation itself. In other words, what process did you find most enjoyable? In that process, did you become so preoccupied that you lost track of time and was living purely and joyfully in the moment?

Often times, we really do make things more complicated than they have to be. What we enjoyed as children, we oftentimes carry out into adulthood. So, listen to your inner child!

Your Values

Examine the desires and yearnings you had ever since you were a child and beyond into young adulthood.  What aspirations did you have? Was it to be the CEO of LucasArts? A park ranger? Globe-trotting writer? Gourmet chef at a 3-Star Michelin restaurant? Race car driver? Public speaker? Write a book?

Sometimes the jobs and goals we thought would be so cool to do when we grow up provide clues in the form of our values, even if we may have turned our backs on them, thinking that we were just being young and unrealistic. If you have turned your back on your dreams, making the excuse that you were just young and full of false enthusiasm, you should be asking yourself this: Is that really true? Or, am I just living my life in fear? Am I just forsaking chasing after my dreams in the name of practicality?

Values could be things as simple as your innate desire to have your voice heard, making a difference in other people’s life, making the world a better place, bringing joy and happiness into other people’s lives, being creative, experiencing a jolt of adrenaline, or even just bringing more joy into your own life and enjoying that joy. Other people thrive on stress and hardship, with the belief that these are the defining moments that make or break us, and show us who we really are. In this way, they truly learn about themselves and others.

Your Yearnings

In this context, when I say “yearning” I mean recurring thought patterns. You may have already abandoned your passions, creating a sense of loss. You know in your heart you really want it, but for whatever reason, you gave up on it or are too afraid to even try. For instance, you may have been looking at the longest time to apply to a particular job or start your own business. But invariably, you make excuses on why it was a bad idea to start or why you decided against perusing it. Yearning happens. It happens almost subtly most of the time. For example, you could be waiting in the dentist’s chair, when seemingly out of the blue you have a thought about that passion. But, sighing to yourself, you make an excuse and move on, forsaking that passion.


And that is the other thing. If you find yourself making excuses on why you should be doing X instead of Y, when you really want Y, you are making excuses and keeping yourself from that passion. Why should you continue to do what you hate rather than chase after what you love? You are only excusing yourself from pursuing what very well may be your passion. So, it definitely merits a second look.

But what if you are truly unable to fulfill your hidden desire and dream because of things such as age limitations or your physical health? By examining your own values and processes, you will now be armed with the knowledge to find similar jobs, hobbies, or tasks that hold those same passions.

Learn to Trust Your Gut

Finally, learn to trust your gut. Your intuition, your heart, and your higher self already know what you really want, even though it may be hard to describe in words. It faces a constant battle from the barrage of excuses you feed yourself everyday. Stop denying the truth that it really is as simple as going after what you want. Your higher self wants to free you and give you joy and happiness. So, give in to your desires and chase after your passions.

Start Today!

5 Tips to Find Your Passions

Imagine yourself far into the future. One day you wake up, having spent years ignoring your dreams in the name of practicality, only to find a washed-up, sad person staring you back in the face, wondering where the time went. More importantly, you wonder why your life is lame.

In truth, you already know why: Your life is lame because you are lame. You were too scared to even take a chance at going after what you love.

The choice is really yours. You can continue to ignore your heart, you can continue to suppress your yearnings, and you can continue to make tired old excuse after tired old excuse.

Or, you can simply choose to start listening to your heart and chase after your passions. As Jim Carrey puts it so well, “you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

Want more success and confidence to start chasing after what really matters in your life? If so, be sure to claim your complimentary blueprint and start your incredible journey today!

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  1. Benson, what a breath of fresh air you are! Thanks for a wonderful article about HOW we get in touch with our passion/s. Is it OK for me to subscribe, even though I am a woman? 🙂 Kidding–I’m signing up now and following you on Twitter. If you’re inclined to follow me, I’m @kebbabutton. All the best!
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted…UpBeat Living:  Can You Be Pleasant When They’re Rude?My Profile

  2. It is so important to find your passion and then to follow it! For the longest time, I was in a job that I really did not like. I did,’cause I had to! Now that I am doing what I love, everything is so much better!

    A few years ago, I took a test – I think it was The Passion Test. That helped a lot!
    Thanks for spreading the word!

    Be Well.
    Paul B. Taubman, II recently posted…WordPress Posts vs. PagesMy Profile

  3. Hey what a great article, this is VITAL stuff – so many people are just ‘box ticking’ through life. Finding your passion is the most important thing. Beautifully written too. 🙂
    Sophie Mahir recently posted…Liven Up Your LinkedIn Profile & Start Attracting CustomersMy Profile

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